Welcome to the support forum of DIVOTHEMES!

If you are here, you are likely to have temporary problems. Don’t worry, we will find a solution together :)

To start, you should register by means of the account Envato. Then you will be identified as our customer.

Usually, we answer in timeframes of one work day, but sometimes you have to wait a little bit longer, it depends on the number of inquiries.

The client support includes:

  • Answers to the questions about our products
  • Registration and reduction of bugs in our products
  • Providing updates to ensure compatibility with new WordPress versions

The client support DOES NOT include:

  • Customization of our products
  • Installation of templates to your servers
  • Support of outside plug-ins and libraries
  • Support of the modified code (with few exceptions)

Support of the modified code:

We do not provide support for custom modifications made by customers or other developers to the original theme code. You still can edit theme as you like, but we'll provide fixes/advice only for original parts of the theme.

Customization of your themes:

At the moment, we don’t customize themes. If you need an efficient improvement of the web template, we recommend you to contact our partner