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Page loading issues


  • Louis started the conversation

    Hi There

    I am using this theme for a project im working on, but i am having massive issues with page loading, im using laravel as a backend as im doing some clever things in the backend.

    its seems that if i go from page to page it refuses to accept redirects, and there are a lot of scripts that wont work. currently im using plyr which took me about 4 hours to get to work because of the weird page loads, if i refresh a page its perfect.

    is there a way i can disable the lazy page loading?

    Kind Regards

    Louis Kidd

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    Pavel replied

    Hello, Louis! Sorry for the late answer!

    If you mean ajax (page transitions without reloading), you can disable that, just by removing all scripts between "Ajax pages" and "Ajax tabs" sections, by following path "src/scripts/components/scripts.js". 

    You would need to remove all Ajax code and page transitions will work like regular HTML.

    However, If you mean smooth animation for page transitions — just let me know.


  • Louis replied

    Hi There Pavel Thankyou so much

    I disabled the ajax page section and that fixed absolutely everything :)

    thanks again!

    p.s this theme really is very nice looking :)


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    Pavel replied

    I'm glad to hear that. We will release an update of the HTML version soon, so stay tuned