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href not work


  • yanick started the conversation

    hi went i create a <a href="test.php"> the page not load . I my console a have this error 

    main.js:1214 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'config' of undefined
        at o (main.js:1214)
        at e.reveal (main.js:1214)
        at scrollRevealInit (main.js:1311)
        at initScripts (main.js:1722)
        at main.js:1788

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    Pavel replied

    Hello, Yanick. I had temporary difficulties with access to this ticket system, so apologize for the long response.

    First of all, disable AJAX by removing all scripts between "Ajax pages" and "Ajax tabs" sections, by following path "src/scripts/components/scripts.js". After that transitions between pages will work like regular HTML links.

    Unfortunately, this is all that I can advise you concerning the modified code. I think without AJAX it will be easier control transitions between pages.