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  • Zaper started the conversation


    I have your Support because I bought the themefotest template. However, I can not log in to support by envato.

    I have a problem with the template.
    The template is configured with ruby on rails.
    When I click on the logo at
    I get a console error (screen attached)

    When he wants to go to the item in the slider he also gets an error.
    And when I go directly to the item
    Everything is OK.
    Please investigate the topic

    Attached files:  Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 12.05.23.png

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    Pavel replied

    Hello, Zapper. Sorry for the late response. Thanks for the purchasing.

    First of all, we cannot help with modified code. Rules are written on the main page of this support site.

    In addition, I can't see your site.

    Kind regards

  • Zaper replied

    Now you see? Open the console and click on the logo

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    Pavel replied

    Yes, now everything is fine. But It's still hard to give you a specific tip. 

    You can start by removing all scripts between "Ajax pages" and "Ajax tabs" sections, by following path "src/scripts/components/scripts.js". You would need to remove all Ajax code. After that page transitions will work like regular HTML.

  • Zaper replied

    The template does not have a src/scripts/components/scripts.js file.

    Where to remove ajax codes?

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    Pavel replied

    I mean the version for developers. The compiled template does not intend for deep customization.

    But, you can use the search of your text editor to find the specific title in main.js file.

  • Zaper replied

    it's working! Thank's 

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    Pavel replied

    Glad to hear that!