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Video player problem


  • Krzysztof Kardasz started the conversation

    I'm using https://plyr.io/ for video player, and have some problems:

    • CSS Problems with video controllers
    • Mobile device cannot play video (iOS/Android)

    If i embed a youtube iframe i have also problems with styles.

    Please provide some examples with some videos i.e. YouTube embeded and/or https://plyr.io/ or other.

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    Pavel replied

    Hello. Thanks for the purchase! Unfortunately, we can't support third party plugins. Here page with youtube iframe http://divothemes.com/cutetube/video_youtube.html
    This pages will be included in the next update.

  • Krzysztof Kardasz replied

    Ok, it will be nice if you add support for HTML 5 VideoPlayer i.e: https://afterglowplayer.com/, https://plyr.io/ or create your own ;-) The most important of this theme samples with video player.