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Auto Scroll Slide


  • kceke started the conversation

    Can the slider scroll automatically on CuteTube - Modern HTML Tube Video Template; and how do I turn it on?  Secondly, I would like to center the "Watch Now" button on the slider.  Please help.

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    Pavel replied

    Hello! Thanks for the purchasing!

    Sure, cutetube use slick slider, which supports this feature like any other popular slider plugin. 

    In the developer version. Go to src/scripts/components/scripts.js and find there section with the title "hero slider" (use search of your editor). Then add rows: 0, autoplay: true, autoplaySpeed: 2000 in the end of the function parameters list. See the image below.

    In the basic version. Go to www/js/main.js and do the same as in the developer version.

    As for second part: this is more deeper customization of the template, so I can't answer this for now. Maybe I will update slider with centered version soon.